Getting started…

In September 2015 a UCL E-Learning Development Grant was awarded for us to develop a mobile app to assist in the task of finding terminology on-line. The main participants include a group of about ten students on the MA in Translation Theory and Practice along with their lecturer, Mark Shuttleworth. This blog has been set up to record the project’s progress and to reflect on it as a learning experience for all the participants. We hope that writing the blog will be of benefit to ourselves, but also that it will provide a record of our experiences that may possibly be of benefit to others wishing to undertake something of a similar nature.

The app is going to be called TermSeeker. As an initial step, different team members took a close look at the existing approaches to terminology searching provided by, IntelliWebSearch, and Google Advanced Search. Having considered the possibilities that these different utilities offer we have agreed that the app will have the task of helping the user to find glossaries rather than individual terminology items within a particular subject area. The next stage is now to work out in slightly more detail precisely what we want the app to achieve.

We are experimenting with the use of wiki as a way of developing plans in writing and will also be communicating with each other via the asynchronous chat facility offered by the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment as well as through team meetings that are taking place every week or so. At the time of writing various team members are trying out a number of functions that are being considered for inclusion in the app. The intention is that our plans will be implemented during the spring term in the form of an actual app that will be available for some or all of the main platforms.

This blog is intended to be a permanent record of the project, visible from outside the College as well as inside. It is envisaged that different team members will write the posts that will be produced over the coming weeks.


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