On track – Defining the search options

The last meetings have been quite fruitful and it seems that we have come to define more clearly the functions that the app is going to perform. The workflow of the team is proving to be satisfactory! So, we are happy to announce that TermSeeker will probably have features such as a relatively simple and intuitive interface -that we expect it could harbour more functionalities in the future-, as well as a fairly extensive language list -around 43- to which all the keywords will be translated.

Some interesting ideas and improvements have also been proposed and, for the moment, they remain in a “wishlist” that we hope it could be implemented at some point. These include:

-Star ranking and meta-tagging (suggested by the IT department)
-Creation a direct link for the source page, or even integrating the view of the browser and its results into the app.
-Switching automatically to another search engine if the app gets to surpass the daily search allowance.
-Possibility to save terms previously browsed for off-line view.

However, we have decided not to be too ambitious for the moment whilst the app is taking shape.

The team is right now working on the development of the searching method. We have come up with a list of keywords that will refine the search and we are testing their effectivity in different search engines, although it will be probably based on Google. These keywords will likely be divided in thematically related groups, so that three different searches can be done depending on the scope of the search:

-A group for the keywords “vocabulary”, “terminology” and “jargon”
-A group for “word list”, “word bank”, “term base” and “term bank”
-A group for “dictionary”, “glossary”, “thesaurus” and “lexicon”.

The user could choose one of these groups to produce a more specific and accurate search. We have to hear soon from our testers so that we can decide whether to keep or improve this division.

Although everything is on track, there is still a lot of work to do!


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